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A recent substantial acquisition meant new opportunity as well as workforce growing pains. It was a dynamic and critical growth period for this provider of cloud solutions. In addition to managing a mission-critical software conversion from Silverlight to HTML5, the company was rapidly expanding. The struggle to keep engineering teams staffed and productive was a constant challenge while the decision to offshore a large part of the software conversion was causing the IT organization serious delays. Communication and collaboration among in-house and offshore teams was inadequate and the transformation work was falling behind schedule.


  • Converted a Silverlight desktop applications to HTML5, Angular 2+ Web browser
  • Application conversion completed three months ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Four Sayva consultants transferred to full-time roles with clients
  • Twenty-one skilled tech hires completed through Sayva
  • Reduced tech talent acquisition costs and increased talent quality


The company reached out to Sayva Solutions looking to engage a technology and talent consulting partner that could step in with local, San Diego-based professionals and take over the failing offshore software conversion project. They wanted local resources with strong communication skills who could quickly understand the business and a sophisticated project with multiple dependencies. After assessing the conversion project, Sayva built a team of four software engineers and three quality assurance engineers. The Sayva team offered various levels of expertise, from architect level to entry level, to address the range of work that needed to be done. Sayva also carefully screened each engineering consultant for communications excellence, culture fit and Agile proficiency in order to build a world-class team able to:

Make up for lost time and get projects back on track

Catch any issues created by prior communication challenges

Ensure the conversion was completed with both rigor and efficiency

“Sayva’s consulting resources are fantastic. We would not have been able to complete this technical project without them. Given a nine-month completion deadline, Sayva’s consultants were able to successfully deliver in just over six months, under budget and ahead of schedule.”

—Software Engineering Manager


As the project grew in scope, so did the roster of talent Sayva provided:










Within two weeks’ time, Sayva had a four-person team of senior engineers and architects on site to set the foundation of the project. Over the next month, the team expanded to include mid-level team members who could support and deliver the growing day-to-day work. Sayva was given nine months to complete the conversion process but was done with the entire project in just six, beating the timeline and delivering the solution under budget. The conversion process was so successful and efficient, the client company began to leverage the team to support the modernization of the company’s tech stack. Sayva’s well-established team of on-site engineering pros supported this effort, collaborating with the client’s software managers, product managers and even the CTO to implement the new technologies.

By the time the multi phase consulting project was completed, the client decided to hire the majority of the engineering consultants Sayva brought to the job who were interested in full time employment. Recognizing how effectively Sayva had delivered a powerhouse software engineering team, the client began to leverage Sayva on a regular basis to build teams and find and hire permanent talent.

Since the start of the partnership, the client has hired more than 25 direct hire senior and mid- level software engineers. They cite quality, speed and precision as the reason they turn to Sayva for skilled technology talent. The recruiting team has saved substantial time and money leveraging Sayva for talent acquisition. Not only has talent quality risen, turnover has fallen as Sayva’s recruiting process and culture match expertise delivers a higher quality hire.

“The quality of Sayva’s vetting process and the consultants provided saved us a tremendous amount of time and helped ensure our project was a success. We know they send the kind of skilled specialists and gifted technologists we would hire for ourselves.”


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