An Energy Company’s Large-Scale Agile Digital Transformation


An innovative energy company that provides clean, safe, and reliable energy to better the lives of the people it serves.


The client identified the need to utilize the latest technology to remain competitive and wanted to transform to a fully IT company, adapt to modern technologies, and move to the cloud over the next five years. They embarked on a path to digital transformation and soon realized the need to become Agile to attain their goals.

Their main goals were to:

  • Achieve business agility
  • Keep up with regulatory changes
  • Enable cutting edge technology, and
  • Improve robust analytics at scale


The company did not have internal resources that had been through an Agile transformation, and they lacked Scrum Master capabilities. With the internal team being new to Agile, there was an opportunity to partner with Sayva and bring in external resources to bridge the skillset gap.


“I would recommend Sayva to any other Product or Scrum Leader or team. Sayva provides the best talent resources. Sayva Solutions is the only consulting firm I recommend for the best Scrum Master consultants.” — Senior Agile Coach


Sayva’s experts ramped up the team to become familiar with Scrum and provided intense coaching, including a foundation of the “why’s” behind Agile methodology and to gain an understanding of the actions they were taking on a daily basis.

Focused efforts were also put into essential elements such as streamlining processes, backlog refinement, and elevating the team to a place where they could bring new team members up to speed with Scrum.

Dashboards were created within Azure DevOps to allow tracking of key indicators including plan vs. actual, velocity, how many of the different types of stories were done, tracking per sprint, and to establish the predictability index used in Scrum. The initial team achieved 98% predictability and all the teams improved their velocity over time.

Overall, Sayva provided coaching, development, training, technical tools, and methodology to deliver a holistic solution, enabling the teams to be successful.


The client now has an entire scaled framework implemented. This has enabled them to not only expand from one team to twelve teams within the analytics group, but other areas in the organization were able to leverage the foundation to adapt Agile and build on it for their own departments.

As a result, the client is able to:

  • Deliver value to stakeholders more rapidly
  • Achieve progress with their initiatives at a faster rate than they would have been if Agile had not been adopted
  • Expand to Cloud Data Migration earlier
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Make the right course corrections and meet market conditions as they are happening

Since the beginning of the project partnership, Sayva has provided 11 scrum expert resources working to deliver business-critical projects and helping the enterprise on its path to continued success.


“Working with Sayva has been wonderful.  From the beginning, there was a lot of effort made to make sure I was paired with the right opportunity for me and excellent coaching along the way to make sure I had everything I needed to successfully interview and land the job that I wanted.  I have been working with Sayva for more than 2 years now and over that period of time I’ve always felt supported, respected and like part of the family. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.” – Group Scrum Master

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