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Sayva Shorts - Technology Labor Market Updates

Watch or listen to Technology Labor Market Updates - Short 2 of the Sayva Spotlight Podcast Series.......

Sayva Spotlight - ChargeNet Stations

Watch or listen to ChargeNet Stations - Episode 3 of The Sayva Spotlight Podcast Series.......
Case Study

Creating Finance, Accounting & HR Back-Office Solutions for a Biotech Start Up

THE CLIENT A San Diego Biotech SaaS company. THE CHALLENGE Leadership was (and still is) so deeply focused and driven to innovate, develop, and manufacture cutting-edge imaging solutions that they encountered some challenges that made it...

Sayva Spotlight - ATTN Agency

Watch or listen to ATTN Agency - Episode 2 of The Sayva Spotlight Podcast....

Sayva Shorts - Tech Careers, Software Engineers, & State of the Industry

Watch or listen to Tech Careers, Software Engineers, & State of the Industry - Short 1 of The Sayva Spotlight Podcast....

The Sayva Spotlight - Good Face Project

Watch or listen to The Good Face Project - Episode 1 of The Sayva Spotlight Podcast....

Be the Business Intelligence Analyst Everyone Wants to Hire

As a business intelligence (BI) expert, you have the kind of in-demand skills that can buffer a tech professional from job market challenges. For example, TechServe Alliance reports that IT job growth has remained flat since September of 2021....

The Questions You Should Be Asking Your
Finance Recruiter

When you’re working with a recruiter for the first time, it’s not always easy to understand how the process works. What kind of attention and support should you expect in the search for the right role or project? Do you know how to make the...

When Is Outsourced HR the Right Choice?

Outsourcing HR might sound like heresy at a time when the focus on building workplace culture and thoughtful employee journeys has never been stronger. But for small and growing businesses without an established HR team or practice, outsourced HR...

The Benefits of Outsourcing CFO Services

As a fast-growing small or mid-size business, it’s hard to know when the perfect moment is to expand the C-suite. In the case of a chief financial officer role, the analytical financial expertise that a senior finance leader brings to the...

Sayva Managed Services: The Right Support, The Right Partner

"As your business evolves, Sayva provides managed back-office services that sync and scale with your growth. Built to integrate seamlessly into your business (at any stage of growth), managed services solutions handle day-to-day finance,...
Case Study

An Energy Company's Large-Scale Agile Digital Transformation

THE CLIENT An innovative energy company that provides clean, safe, and reliable energy to better the lives of the people it serves. THE ASK The client identified the need to utilize the latest technology to remain competitive and wanted...

How Much Should a Senior Accountant Expect to Make in San Diego?

If salaries were based on sunshine and coastline beauty, senior accountants in San Diego would be earning millions by the week. Since employers, rather than mother nature, are the ones paying the bills, here’s a look at the various salary data...

The Pros and Cons of Outsourced Finance & Accounting Services

In the intense stages of rapid growth at startups and small to mid-size businesses, there is always a moment when pivotal accounting questions come up. Should we start building a full-fledged finance & accounting department to support our...

5 Reasons to Become a Sayva Consultant

The future of work has arrived. According to a recent Fortune article, 25-35% of the US workforce is working from home full-time. Remote work, once considered an emergency alternative, is a fully normalized way to work for businesses and...