A Flexible Accounting Solution for a Marketing Startup


ATTN Agency is a full-funnel performance and growth marketing agency. Dedicated to amplifying digitally native e-commerce brands, ATTN Agency provides strategic and tactical media buying, data driven analysis, and creative services.


Year one for ATTN Agency was full of growth and expansion opportunities. The leadership team did not have the bandwidth to manage daily finance and accounting needs, but a part-time bookkeeping service did not offer the strategic guidance the company wanted when it came to making spending and finance decisions. They needed to upgrade their financial capabilities and intelligence without investing in a full-time accounting team


  • 90-day creation of accounting foundation for startup marketing agency
  • Relieved business owners of tedious accounting functions without requiring investment in full-time accounting teams
  • Optimized financial tracking and implemented KPIs to motivate and measure team performance
  • Established ongoing accounting support to oversee monthly reporting and support needs


ATTN Agency’s leadership reached out to Sayva Solutions knowing the company offered outsourced accounting services. At the time, the business owners were managing most of the accounting and finance work while balancing all the responsibilities of building the new and rapidly growing agency, from sales and business development to hiring talent and delivering client solutions. It was simply too much work, which meant that important decisions around how to spend and manage money and resources were made without enough time or insight.

Sayva Solutions assessed the legacy accounting set up and determined that the company would benefit from a more robust financial solution. This included a monthly and annual budget as well as processes for managing cash flow and KPIs (key performance indicators) to establish fiscal business targets. Without these fundamental tools in place, the business owners would lack the information needed to make strategic business and fiscal decisions about the company’s growth and direction.

The Managed Services team offers an outsourced 90-day solution for establishing an accounting foundation. Three business and financial accounting experts from the Sayva team worked on-site with the client to build the following:

A strategic budget aligned with business goals for tracking all income and expenses

Processes for managing weekly and monthly accounting needs

Fiscal KPIs to focus leadership on measuring and meeting business goals

The new financial foundation, from processes and procedures to the long-term goals established by the budget and KPIs, was aligned to ATTN Agency’s strategic business objectives. Recognizing the thoughtful approach, ATTN Agency’s leadership team turned to Sayva for guidance to determine the best strategy for measuring financial growth to potential investors and partners. Noting the business was heavily focused on measuring EBITDA, the Sayva team advised a realignment around topline revenue growth, which was a measure more suited to the company’s current growth trajectory. That adjustment sparked key changes to sales and delivery strategies, helping the business to unite behind clear, shared growth goals.

“The accounting support and financial insights Sayva has provided to our business over the past few years is exactly what we were looking for to help forecast and accomplish our goals and objectives. They work diligently to thoroughly understand the way our business operates to help us make informed decisions both proactively and reactively. As we continue to grow, they are the ideal accounting partner.”

— Justin Buckley, Partner, ATTN Agency


Thrilled with the financial foundation and operational upgrade Sayva’s managed services team provided, ATTN Agency now uses Sayva on an ongoing basis for accounting support. The Sayva team continues to provide the following services:

  • Review of all transactions
  • Creation of monthly and annual financial statements
  • Budgeting support

The costs the start-up saved in building an entire accounting department has allowed the growing business to focus on bringing in top digital marketing experts while relying on Sayva for essential financial guidance and service.

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