5 Reasons to Become a Sayva Consultant

The future of work has arrived. According to a recent Fortune article, 25-35% of the US workforce is working from home full-time. Remote work, once considered an emergency alternative, is a fully normalized way to work for businesses and individuals.

Additionally, career shifts have never been more dynamic. 47 million people quit their jobs in 2021. Employees made this shift to leave situations that aren’t working to pursue their passions. As a result, consulting has become increasingly more important to employers struggling with an unpredictable job market. They are hungry for experienced finance, accounting, technology, and human resources talent to fill current workforce gaps. 

For experienced professionals, consulting can allow you to explore new working models while also benefiting financially and intellectually. Are you drawn to the consulting model? Consider these five reasons to become a Sayva consultant: 

  1. Career autonomy: You decide what works

One of the most common buzzwords in the job market right now is flexibility, but what most people really want is the autonomy to make decisions about their work location, hours, and projects. Consulting provides flexibility because it gives you more control over how and when you work. Consulting with Sayva increases flexibility, but also delivers autonomy by offering a wide variety of ways to work how you want and need to work. You can determine the length of the engagements you accept and take long or short breaks between projects. You can also enjoy the benefits of hybrid or remote roles as you choose the types of projects you work on.

Autonomy at Sayva also means you will never feel pressure to take a role that doesn’t suit your work and life requirements. We understand that empowered professionals who are supported in their careers are the most successful and deliver the best work for our national network of clients. 

  1. Variety: Try new opportunities

If you’re looking to infuse more variety into your work and explore different roles, companies, challenges, and responsibilities, then Sayva consulting is an excellent option. From VC-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in biotech, technology, manufacturing, retail, real estate, and more, businesses of all sizes and industries leverage Sayva consultants. 

Variety at Sayva also applies to the duration of projects. From short-term projects lasting two months to longer engagements, Sayva consultants can align their work goals to fit their life schedules.

Consulting work itself is also full of variety. Businesses turn to Sayva for all kinds of needs, from major transformation and growth initiatives to day-to-day operations. Looking for action and challenge? We have it. Interested in steady, consistent workloads, you have it. No matter where you choose to land at Sayva, our resume and skill-building variety will keep you growing and engaged. 

  1. Compensation: Earn, earn, earn

A common point of comparison between consulting and full-time work is the compensation. Sayva’s consultants earn top-market compensation due to the specialized nature of our engagements and the caliber of clients we attract and engage. In addition, our consulting benefits package includes sought-after perks like medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid holidays, 401k match, the opportunity to take sabbaticals, and more. 

  1. Growth: Expand your resume & skills

Consulting with Sayva will expand and accelerate your skill development. The diversity of engagements we take on and industries we serve gives our consultants continuous opportunities to expand their resumes and increase their career currency. After a handful of Sayva roles, consultants are often qualified and upskilled for a variety of coveted long-term and full-time roles. 

Our Consultant Care team even reviews and crafts resumes that will allow you to showcase your skills and secure your next engagement or role. As your skills expand, our team is happy to provide ongoing resume and career development support. 

  1. Consultant Care: We’ve got you

While switching jobs can feel like a high-risk move, Sayva strives to minimize transition pains by ensuring that you’re engaged on projects and in environments where you will thrive. Our team has a proven process for evaluating project fit with a long track record of success. The clients and engagements you support will align with your personal and professional goals. 

Our Consultant Care team is also on hand to ensure your day-to-day needs as a professional are met and that you are always ready for the next step. As engagements wind down, Sayva ensures your smooth transition by getting ahead of project end dates, helping you assess next steps and support you in embracing your next opportunity. 

We also conduct regular check-ins across every engagement, providing workplace advocacy. Whenever you need an ally on the job to support you in getting your needs met, Sayva is always there. 

“I have been working with Sayva for several years and they have contributed to me changing my life and success more than any other company…Your team has been with me every step of the way and I am so grateful that I gave Sayva a chance. These career opportunities are experiences you don’t want to miss.” Olga B, Sayva Consultant
Embrace the possibilities of becoming a Sayva consultant. Our network of finance, accounting, technology, and human resources professionals has many success stories, and we’re happy to share them. Learn more about becoming a Sayva consultant.

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