RJ Vasile

Recruiting Manager, Accounting & Finance

RJ Vasile

 My Job @Sayva:

I help connect candidates with quality companies and potential future employers. I focus on filling both permanent and consulting roles in either accounting or finance, but am also a resource for anyone going through the process since I have the most up-to-date market intel at my fingertips.

Before Sayva I was…:

I started my career in Audit at KPMG before moving into this space. I enjoy that I am now able to use my knowledge from the field in my current role, while also enjoying the ability to work with people more. My background has helped me connect with accounting and finance professionals on a personal level because I was in their shoes recently and understand how it was working with different recruiters during my job search.

 My Proudest Sayva Moment:

I was always trying to get into a business that allowed me to feel like I am helping people. My proudest moment at Sayva came when I was calling a candidate with the good news that she had received a job offer. The offer was from a company that she fell in love with throughout the interview process, and the position was everything she was looking for and then some. She broke down on the phone when I shared the news and was so happy and excited to get a chance to advance in her career with a great team. The feeling still motivates me to continue finding the right fit for everyone that I come in contact with.

 3 Things to Know About Me: 

1. I am not a stereotypical recruiter. I have witnessed a lot of the good and bad that comes with working with other recruiting agencies when I was looking to move on from KPMG. This helps me put myself in the shoes of everyone I work with, which has been appreciated by many of my candidates.

2.  I love to travel. I have been to several countries in Europe and plan on seeing many more around the world. Would love some tips on where to go and what to see!

3.  My favorite activities involve sports, dogs, and everything that comes with the beautiful city of San Diego. I enjoy following new TV shows, music, and pop-culture. I enjoy running into someone with similar interests, and still catch up with people I have helped in the past to keep each other up to date! 


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