Kjell Reeve

Consultant Care Concierge

Kjell Reeve

 My Job @Sayva:

is to provide our consultants with the best possible employment experience they can imagine. The goal of my role is to make all our consultants feel as though Sayva is more than just a consulting firm but their employer who cares about them and wants to support them in the most successful experience throughout the course of their project(s) with our client(s). I am the main point of contact for all active consultants and help them with anything & everything that I can.

Before Sayva I was…:

working at Trader Joes for 6 years where my customer experience background developed and blossomed into my now passion of assisting people however I can to help them best succeed. I took a lot away from TJ’s core values, my favorite of which was “Kaizen”, a Japanese word meaning improvement or change for the better. Sayva practices very similar values, which made my transition almost effortless, and I have now been with Sayva for almost 4 years!

 3 Things to Know About Me: 

  1. I have a traveler’s soul and enjoy moving to different places to experience new environments, people, and cultures in their true element. When I move next, that will be my 40th dwelling, including 3 different countries and across 6 U.S. states.
  2.  I have a Calico (cat) named Dora, who is my companion and yes, she is an explorer. She enjoys birdwatching with me, listening to windchimes, and crawling around in plants, which I must say, all of which I also enjoy.
  3. I grew up in a small town located in the mountains of San Diego with a population of 1,500 where the outdoors became my favorite place to be. I frequently hike with my sister, checking places off our bucket list and trying to learn new things about nature and each other! Our last major destination was the beautiful Zion National Park in Utah where we braved the crazy wind & snow (tent camping), traveled as far as we could down a gigantic crevice in the earth, aka the Narrows, and kind of realized we were afraid of heights on Angel’s Landing (a 1,488-foot drop). We still highly recommend it!

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