Kat Zorko


Kat Zorko

 My Job @Sayva:

I am one of the co-founders and currently oversee operations, delivery, and human resources. I enjoy being involved in a variety of areas in the business, looking for ways to optimize our functions, and developing teams so that they can have all the success and fulfillment they desire at Sayva. I aim to lead by example, and by way of our values, every day – integrity, accountability, unity and attitude. 

Before Sayva I was…:

trying to find the best work “home” for me. I started my career in accounting at KPMG, learning a lot about client service, hard work and managing multiple deadlines. I decided to use those skills to start a career in recruiting where I wanted to help people in their own careers. That passion has stayed with me and I continue to use all my experiences and lessons learned to help build Sayva. 

 My Proudest Sayva Moment:

There are a lot of moments to talk about here. From the early days at Sayva where everyone wore multiple hats with no complaints, to having a larger team come together to volunteer at events like Computer for kids and Ronald McDonald House. What I love seeing most throughout the years is how supportive everyone is of each other – both professionally and personally. That is something that is so important to me and it’s great to see our culture maintain this value as we grow and change. 

 3 Things to Know About Me: 

1. I am a full-time working mom to two awesome kids and three adorable pets. I am surrounded by love, laundry, and dishes and fuel up with coffee and wine. 😊 

2.  I love to travel. Although my adventures are different now with kids, I look forward to exploring the world with them, whether it be camping road trips or overseas endeavors. 

3.  I hope to help other women and moms with the challenges and opportunities in the workforce, whatever that may mean for someone. I don’t have all the answers, but I welcome the chance to share my own experiences and talk through ideas.


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