Jeff Thornbrugh

SVP, Client Solutions

Jeff Thornbrugh

My Job @Sayva:

In my role as Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, I thrive on the simplicity of my mission: steadfast dedication to client satisfaction. Whether supporting a massive enterprise-level transformation program or addressing a simple project requiring the right talent resources, my primary focus is to understand the client’s true needs and align the most fitting solutions.

I’ve consistently observed that our clients often have a clear vision and strategy, and what they really need is support around industry-experienced, expert consulting or well-vetted talent to realize their goals and outcomes. Regardless of the scale, our approach remains consistent. We first look to gain an understanding of the challenges our clients face and strategically position our services to offer support. Success is measured by positive outcomes and delivering, that is how we believe you can build relationships that last.

Before Sayva I was…:

I spent more than 20 years in the industry delivering solutions for clients across various industries and lines of business. My expertise spans sales and delivery management, operational excellence, and the management of substantial customer relationships. I bring a wealth of experience in cultivating customer development across diverse market locations, leading sales and delivery teams through hiring, training, coaching, development, and ensuring accountability.

My approach values trusted partnerships and collaboration, extending beyond clients to encompass consultants, internal teams, and industry partnerships. This commitment is pivotal in fostering relationships, addressing business challenges, driving growth, and crafting innovative solutions. Furthermore, I place a personal emphasis on treating consultants with the same level of importance as customers, recognizing the integral role they play in the success of any endeavor.

 My Proudest Sayva Moment:

Despite my relatively short tenure here, I’ve already experienced a proud Sayva moment! Each year, Sayva Solutions hosts a company retreat, and I was fortunate to participate this time. The retreat serves as a valuable occasion for the entire team to come together, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing over a span of a few days. The highlight of the retreat involves engaging in competitive team games, and I’m excited to share that our team emerged victorious in this year’s company scavenger hunt. This experience not only etched lasting memories but also underscored the strong company culture and the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie at Sayva. I am genuinely proud to be a member of this dedicated group of individuals.

 3 Things to Know About Me:

  1. My wife, Esra, and I take immense pride in being integral parts of a beautifully blended family. From our previous marriages, we have three boys aged 18, 17, and 16, and our youngest, a delightful daughter, is six years old. Our household is a vibrant blend of personalities, activities, and schedules, truly capturing the dynamic essence of our lives.

  2. Even though I’ve been a proud resident of Texas for 26 years, my roots trace back to the State of Kansas. My upbringing was deeply rooted in a working farm environment, surrounded by corn fields, cattle, chickens, horses, and the occasional presence of goats or pigs, not to mention a myriad of dogs and cats. My initial foray into the workforce was on that very farm. While I may not have been directly involved in the farming aspects, save for the occasional task of picking fresh corn, I held the role of Head Caretaker. This title really meant that I was responsible for tending to the horse stalls, transporting water to the animals in winter using 5 lb buckets, unloading hay deliveries, and taking the show horses for walks after their training sessions. Those early experiences on the farm instilled in me a strong work ethic and a genuine connection to the care of animals.

  3. My absolute favorite activity is traveling with my family. My favorite destination is visiting the magnificent country of Turkey. This preference may be a touch biased, as my wife is from Turkey, but it’s the shared experiences that make it truly exceptional for me. We prioritize traveling together annually, immersing ourselves in the beauty of diverse cultures and exploring different corners of the world. The joy of discovering new perspectives and creating lasting memories with my loved ones is an experience I cherish dearly.

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