Jake Elliot

Recruiting Manager, Technology

Jake Elliot

My Job @Sayva:

I act as a Recruiting Manager on our technology side, covering both consulting and direct hire opportunities. I am a service-minded individual, and as a recruiter I strive to connect individuals with opportunities that will facilitate mutual growth and fulfillment between both the candidate and the company.

Before Sayva I was…:

Working as a Finance & Accounting recruiter for a global executive firm. This role was equally candidate and client focused, offering me a wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge and understand what is truly important to both parties.

 My Proudest Sayva Moment:

The opportunity Sayva has afforded me to pursue my passion of connecting with talented and driven people and genuinely make an impact on their life. I am immensely proud of the work our team is doing, and the values we maintain throughout all of it.

 3 Things to Know About Me:

1. I absolutely love dogs, and I am lucky enough to share my life with a ~10 pound black Pomeranian, named Boba. She is the sweetest dog who never stops smiling (except to take a nap).

2. I have a passion for video games and the community surrounding the industry. While attending UC San Diego, I co-founded an official esports (competitive gaming) student organization, which has now grown to offer 100s of thousands in scholarship money and established an official on-campus esports training center.

3. I am a California native. I grew up in northern California, in Santa Cruz, before moving to San Diego for college. I have been here since, and after being thoroughly spoiled by the weather, I don’t see myself moving out of California any time soon.


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