Punkaj Trivedi

VP, Client Solutions

Punkaj Trivedi

My Job at Sayva:

As a VP of Client Solutions, I enjoy providing solutions to complex challenges facing customers today, both in Technology Transformation and Finance & Accounting.  I believe in being early, being prepared, and delivering results to my clients and consultants due to my hard-working, “blue-collar” background.  Get up, suit up, and show up. My focus is getting work done and having fun while doing it. The unwavering focus is on our customers and consultants and how to continually surpass their expectations. The key is to ask good questions and listen.

Before Sayva, I was…:

Before Sayva, I spent 20+ years in IT Consulting and recruiting. I worked for various distinguished IT Consulting companies, starting my career in Telecom, which morphed into Applications Development and SDLC.  This led to setting up Professional Services and Consulting offices, both in the United Kingdom and EMEA, which in turn, brought me to the USA to start new operations in several states. I have been successful in taking new accounts from inception to large multi-million dollar accounts namely in Energy, Healthcare, and the Banking/Finance space.

My Proudest Sayva Moment:

I was invited to the 2023 company retreat in San Diego, where I met the smartest and brightest in our industry.  This extraordinary team has a truly collaborative spirit where the Culture ‘Eats Strategy for Breakfast’.  True to form, Sayva demonstrates its four pillars of success—Integrity, Accountability, Can-Do Attitude, and Unity.  I am humbled and proud to work for Sayva Solutions.

Things to Know About Me: 

My wife, Laura, and I have travelled extensively to Europe and the Far East.  One of our dreams is to travel on the Orient Express and experience a Canadian train “adventure” from Toronto to British Columbia, Vancouver and beyond.  We are proud to be ‘dog rescue parents’, and our Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) mix, Duchess, heads the Trivedi household.

I am an expatriate from London, England, and was born in Kitale, Africa.  I have fond memories of my childhood of gazing at Lake Nakuru, staring at the reflections of flocks of pink flamingos during migration.  My parents were avid travellers, so my three siblings and I would go on safaris through the red clay roads of the Masai Mara.  Quite often we would cross into Tanzania to view the majestic, serene Mount Kilimanjaro.

I am a passionate cook who desires to experiment with new dishes worldwide.  Depending on the day, I may prepare a traditional Indian curry or a ‘full English’ breakfast.  As an eager aviation nut, I dream of flying around the world in 10 days.


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