Hailey Eklund

Director of Recruiting, Accounting & Finance

Hailey Eklund

 My Job @Sayva:

 I help connect candidates with high quality opportunities within our client’s teams and companies. I mentor, develop and motivate a team of Sayva’s finest recruiters and get involved in company culture initiatives in the interest of a fostering an inclusive, fun and connected culture as we grow.

Before Sayva I was…:

At a large executive recruiting firm where I learned the basics of recruiting and client account management.

 My Proudest Sayva Moment:

One of my proudest Sayva moments was placing one of my candidates as a Senior Financial Analyst at a growing healthcare company. This put him on the fast track, and he was promoted to a Director of Finance seat after only a couple of years, which was an absolute career game-changer for him.  

 3 Things to Know About Me: 

1.  I’m a San Diegan who learned to love living in winter conditions, now that I have experienced living in New Hampshire in Iowa. I even took up Cross Country skiing – one of my favorite forms of exercise.

2.  I love cycling, so I have this goal to ride the RAGBRAI race in Iowa one day – it’s a 7 day event riding a bike across the enter state.

3. I have lived in Spain twice and visited 25 countries with more on the list to go!


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