Midia Gibo

Staff Accountant

Midia Gibo

 My Job @Sayva

Honesty and integrity are highly valued in the accounting world; it is my obligation and commitment to help clients when making business decisions, providing advice, and completing their day-to-day accounting needs. 

Before Sayva I was…: 

I worked as a Staff Accountant for a startup Radiopharmaceutical company for almost 2 years.

 My Proudest Sayva Moment: 

I am new at Sayva for just a few months; however, I can already tell that Sayva really cares about its employees and clients. 

 3 Things to Know About Me: 

1.   English was not my first language, I speak Aramaic and Arabic.

2.   Math was always my favorite subject growing up.

3.   I come from a huge middle eastern family from both sides, we love to sing and dance.


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