Joelle Slyter

Vice President, Client Solutions

Joelle Slyter

My Job @Sayva:

As a VP of Client Solutions, my trade is to establish and maintain successful relationships with clients within IT and Accounting/Finance. My goal is to understand the business needs, deliver with quality and aim to make client’s lives easier. I work closely with internal team members to strategically leverage the strength and knowledge of the team in order to best provide consulting services.

Before Sayva I was…:

In several sales/service-focused positions. The focus of my career really picked up within the past four years spent in recruiting. I’ve always had a passion for human connection and building strong relationships while solving problems along the way. For fun, I was also pursuing health and wellness jobs on the side. I felt I was able to create strong relationships on both fronts that have been a rewarding journey thus far.  

My Proudest Sayva Moment:

Although I have just started with Sayva, I can confidently say the level of support and genuine desire for one another to succeed is exceedingly present. I can sense that same internal support is given to Sayva’s clients, providing them with a white glove experience. I look forward to creating many proud moments within the company and with clients!

 3 Things to Know About Me:

1. My greatest inner strength comes from my faith, family and friends. I strongly value family and community. I enjoy learning about people’s backgrounds and aspirations.

2. I love staying active and doing anything outdoors. I enjoy starting my morning before the sun is up to get my “me” time/workout in. My top two favorite hobbies are snowboarding and hiking. I was able to do both this winter on a split board adventure in WY.

3. I am from Boise, ID and love every form of potato. Believe it or not, there’s more than potatoes in Idaho. Although I love California, I’d choose the mountains over the ocean any day. My favorite place is anywhere in the mountains, camping/backpacking without cell service.


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