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Sayva is a nationwide consulting firm, a strategic partner to high-growth, industry-leading companies, and a center of career opportunity for thousands of finance, accounting, technology, and human resources consultants and job seekers nationwide. Whether you’re looking to transition into consulting or eager to explore full-time opportunities at top employers, Sayva is ready to help you find growth and fulfillment at every stage of your career.


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Who are Sayva consultants? Three kinds of experts:

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Take on fully outsourced or project-based consulting with our teams of finance, accounting, tech and human resources experts.

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Our clients are growing and hiring. Find new opportunities and the next big step in your career.

Our attentive approach to meeting your career goals.

We take a hands-on, big service approach to helping you find the right opportunity whether that’s with one of Sayva’s many incredible business clients or on Sayva’s internal team.

Connect to Opportunity

We are career central to more than 1,500 finance, accounting, technology, and human resources professionals nationwide. They chose the flexibility, autonomy, high earnings, and considerate care of Sayva careers for there career journeys. Whether you found us, we found you, or a referral brought you to Sayva (75% of our placements are a result of the referrals from delighted consultants and clients), the career connection you are making now has the power to ignite your professional possibilities and growth.

Embrace the Conversation

Before we even think about opportunities, we focus on taking the time to get to know you. In our comprehensive career engagement conversations (sometimes several conversations), you share all you want and need: the work you want to do, when and where you want to work, the duration of assignments that interest you, the skills and experience you’d like to gain, and more. Our team provides you with job market and industry intelligence to analyze opportunities, employer perspectives, and the various ways working with Sayva can work for you.

Find Work You’ll Love

Work is still work. We get that. Once you choose Sayva, we take all we have learned throughout our in-depth conversations to identify projects you will love. Positions that align with your flexibility, monetary, career growth and schedule, goals. The fun part is presenting you with the opportunities and working together to choose the best options to pursue.

Take the Win (again and again)

Every project needs to be a win for you and the client, and that’s our job. Once you select the positions you’re interested in Sayva guides you through the interview process, negotiates terms, and delivers the first of many consulting wins. And all the wins will add up to a variety-filled, flexible career journey that is rich in opportunities to grow professionally while living life on your terms.

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